WOLFCOM® Launches Police Body Camera Donation Website BodyCameraDonations.com

WOLFCOM® Launches Police Body Camera Donation Website BodyCameraDonations.com

LOS ANGELES, CA- WOLFCOM®, a leader in the police body camera industry since 2011, is pleased to announce the launch of BodyCameraDonations.com. BodyCameraDonations.com is a website geared towards helping law enforcement agencies with a limited budget invest in WOLFCOM® body cameras by receiving donations from the general public.

WOLFCOM’s inspiration for creating BodyCameraDonations.com was due to a large amount of individuals and community organizations that purchased WOLFCOM body cameras and donated them to their local law enforcement agencies throughout the years. Some recent examples include Jerry and Linda Vanderveer’s donation to the Ft. Wayne PD, the Parke County Community Foundation‘s donation to the Parke County Police Department, and the Odd Fellow’s donation to the Urbandale PD and the Kaplan Criminology Club’s donation to Cedar Falls PD.

“With the growing need for body cameras, we wanted to create a convenient way for individual citizens and community groups like these, who want to help support their local law enforcement agencies to afford body cameras, to do so,” said WOLFCOM CEO Tiffany Wang.

“WOLFCOM is a well-established leader in the body camera industry and nearly 500 law enforcement agencies in the USA have selected WOLFCOM as their body cameras of choice. Our WOLFCOM Body Camera is a top quality camera with many innovative features that police officers prefer like small size, light weight and rotatable lens feature. This website will allow individuals to help equip law enforcement with some of the best body camera technology available,” said WOLFCOM Founder and BodyCameraDonations.com CEO Peter Austin Onruang.
The first agency to received donated body cameras through the program was Texas Southern University in Houston Texas in November of 2015; the donation was worth $40,000. The second agency to receive body cameras through this program was the Hawthorne California Police Department, with a donation value of $40,000. Since then, over 80 law enforcement agencies in 26 states have signed up on the website and four agencies have reached their goals, collecting over $27,000 in donations so far.

Bridgman Police Department, the first agency in Michigan to register on the website met its goal of 6 body cameras plus accessories in eight days, raking in a total of $4,405.00 in donations largely from local businesses who decided to contribute to the cause.

“We would like to thank all of the businesses & residents that have donated to this GREAT cause in just 8 days…It’s unfortunate that we live & work in a culture that requires “extra” safety measures, but with the outpouring of support from donors both in & outside our community, these cameras will help with the safety of the Officers AND community,” said Chief Dan Unruh, Bridgman Police Department

“Great idea! Bridgman police deserve the best! The entire police force in this community goes above and beyond for the people. In my personal experiences the officers and chief treat this job as so much more than a job. There an outstanding bunch of individuals. Thank you for all you do for this town!” said Richard Lendarson, owner of Great Lakes Towing and TowBoatUs, Lake Michigan, who donated $1,000 to the department.

Desloge Missouri Police Department, Brocton Illinois Police Department and Wythe County Virginia Sheriff’s Office have also met their goals, collectively raising over $15,000.00 in donations from businesses who decided to support these agencies.

The website allows police departments that want body cameras but don’t have sufficient funds to buy them on their own, to register for donations from the public. There is no cost for departments to register or receive the body cameras and there are no hidden fees or additional software or video storage requirements. Individuals and organizations can donate funds directly towards their local departments or a general fund. Through a special exclusive discount offer, BodyCameraDonations.com offers WOLFCOM VISION body cameras at a discounted rate. Donors are able to remain anonymous if they choose.

All local, state and federal agencies in the United States are welcome to register. Departments will be notified after a donation has been made or when donations become available from the General Fund. Every time an agency receives cameras, it will be listed on the website’s News page. Donations can be monitored on each department’s page.

BodyCameraDonations.com provides a needed platform for law enforcement agencies that have a limited budget, an alternative route to acquire police body cameras through donated funds from the public they protect and serve. For more information, please visit www.bodycameradonations.com